Stinging Insects in Ann Arbor

Get Out and Smell the Roses

Most people are not allergic to insect stings. Yet you can find that thousands of people with cases of insect stings throng the emergency wards of hospitals and private doctor clinics. This is due to the reason that immediate reaction to an insect, like bees, wasps or yellow jackets, stinging is of fear and pain. When stung by stinging insects, you can find a person having something from mild irritation to a severe allergic reaction. Bees and wasps normally build their nests during summer and one such nest in your garden can be a source of irritation for you and your neighbor if you fail to manage it on time. Call a home pest control expert to remove the nest or hive and also the insects surely for your safety.

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How to Prevent Being Stung by a Bee

You can take the following measures to avoid being stung by a bee.

  1. Limit Sweet Beverages While Outdoors – Sugar in sweet drinks attract bees. So, be careful while opening a can of such sweet drink outdoors. Carefully check the can, if it was sealed before opening. And also check the straw you are drinking with.
  2. Be Mindful While Mowing – While trimming the grasses on your garden or running the lawnmower, you may inadvertently disturb bee or a wasp hive. So, be careful while mowing your lawn.
  3. Remove Nests & Hives – Take the help of a pest control expert to remove bee hives or wasp nests from your garden.
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