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Recent researches say that insects such as wasps and bees send around 500,000 people for medical emergencies every year. Though their stinks are very painful, but these small insects play a very vital role in our environment by helping in pollinating vegetables, flowers and fruits. On an average 71 crop species out of 100 are bee and wasp pollinated. Without their help, our mother Earth won’t even survive, but these insects can be a huge problem to some owners of houses or commercial estates and are needed to be removed on an urgent basis.

The process of removal of these insects might be very dangerous and should only be done with some professional help. Bees are small organisms mostly living in colonies consisting of a single female bee or a single queen and other hundreds of worker bees.

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Additional Pest Information

Baldfaced Hornet

  • Appearance: These insects are blackish-blue in color with some white markings on their upper body, abdomen and their face. They are about ¾ inches in length.
  • Biology: These Baldfaced hornet nests are about three feet long and are in an enclosed teardrop shape. Their nests are mostly attached with a tree, building attics or a bush.
  • Prevention: These insects are known to help in controlling many other insect species. An adult baldfaced hornet can be very protective of their nest and might become very dangerous and aggressive if they feel any sense of danger against ruining their nest. Professional pest control must be called for their nest removal process.

Bumble Bees

  • Appearance: These bees serve great help to us by pollinating different plants and crops. Most of their body parts are covered with hair along with yellow and black stripes running all over. These bees are about 1 inch in length.
  • Biology: They prefer building their nests in a very safe place such as burrows close to the ground.
  • Prevention: Prevention of bumblebees can be done with the help of inspecting the areas where their nests can be located. Try removing all the materials that they use to build these nests. Their tendency to sting when threatened can be very dangerous and thus it is always recommended to homeowners not to mess with their habitat themselves and take proper precautions.  

Carpenter Bees

  • Appearance: Carpenter bees look quite similar to that of bumblebees. Their abdomen part is mostly shinny and colored in blue, black, green or metallic purple. They have yellow hair running on the upper part of their whole body. These bees are about one inch in length.
  • Biology:They like to be near wooden furniture or structures.
  • Prevention: As their name suggests, these bees like wood structures, so likewise staining or painting wood structures can help in keeping them away. In times they can even attack and destroy even painted and stained wood items, making a home pest control a must requisite in order to keep them away from your house.

European Paper Wasps

  • Appearance: European paper wasps are very common house insects. They are either white or black in color having yellow stripes running throughout their body. They are about one inch long.
  • Biology:They can be seen building an open nest overhanging from house attics or hanging from tree branches.
  • Prevention: These wasps do help in controlling different pests. However, if they are seen making a habitat near human activity, control of it is always recommended with some professional help as these wasps can rebuild their structure very quickly.

Yellow Jacket

  • Appearance: They look very similar to hornet bees; their abdomen has a yellow jacket and has black and yellow stripes running all over the body. Their length varies from ½ to ¾ inches.
  • Biology: Their dwelling places are usually below the ground, in hollow logs, burrows or in holes inside the walls.
  • Prevention: Yellow Jacket bees are very helpful to us as they feed on different other small insects usually pests. However, if they are seen making nests near human habitat, it is always recommended to take professional help while removing them.

Honey Bees

  • Appearance: Honey bees can get really angry if they are bothered. They are about ½ inches in length.
  • Biology: Honey Bees are very important to our society because they help us a lot with pollination. They are also termed as social insects. Altogether, honey bees are known for pollinating more than about a hundred crops in the entire US. They tend to build their nests or hives mostly in different man-made structures or in hollow trees.
  • Prevention: Removing honey and the honey bee nest can be really very messy and professional help ought to be taken each and every time while dealing with them. Their colonies are mostly large and can only be handled by an experienced beekeeper or a professional pest control expert.

Different Nesting Sites Of Bees And Wasps

  • Honey Bees: The nest of a honey bee is commonly made of honeycomb series of wax. They are mostly manufactured nests and can also be seen in buildings and trees.
  • Yellow Jacket:Their dwelling places are very commonly found down underground especially in old rodent burrows, inside the walls and attics, shrubs, etc.
  • Bumble Bees:Their hives can be found in old building cracks or crevices, or in some old mice burrows.
  • Paper Wasps: Most commonly their dwelling places are found under some flat surfaces like patios, decks, garage sheds, etc.

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