Flea Pest Control in Ann Arbor

Fleas are a very common house insect mostly affecting both humans and pets. Dogs and cats getting infected by fleas are very common. They are generally bloodsuckers. Fleas can stay alive on dogs for almost about a hundred days in which a pair of flees can reproduce lakhs of offspring. Fleas can even infect humans.

In some cases, these fleas can be really harmful and might carry bacteria causing serious health issues to humans or their pet animals. Dogs and cat flea mostly attack rodents, humans, cats, and dogs. These pests might sometime carry tapeworm which might cause harm to young children.
Sometimes some people hardly notice flea bites whereas some might get serious allergic reactions due to their biting. Young children are most prone and sensitive to fleas rather than adults. Symptoms such as allergy, rashes, itching, and irritation might happen when bitten by these fleas. In some cases, small, red, hard, and a bit raised itchiness with no swelling can be noticed in humans.

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  • Appearance- The length of an adult flea is in between 1/12 to 1/8 inches. They are brownish-red, hard-bodied, wingless insects. They do have a very powerful pair of back legs helping them to jump onto animals and humans.
  • Biology- Fleas love to stay in moist and warm areas. An adult flea does respond to vibrations, exhaled breath, and movement. Anyone can get affected by a flea by just walking across an area infested by fleas such as lawns, public parks etc. They tend to go from one place to another just by clinging on skins, belongings, and clothing.
  • Prevention- Routinely cleaning your house can be the best way to eliminate flea from your house. Blankets, rugs, pillows, and beddings used by dogs or cats should be cleaned properly especially during the summer season. Cleaning furniture and carpets by vacuuming them regularly is always recommended if the flea problem persists. If flea infestation still continues, calling a professional pest control service can be of great help.

How To Be Sure That Your Pet Is Infected By Flea

The best way to determine flea infection in your pet is by giving them a thorough inspection by properly going through their hair coat and skin in broad daylight. The groin area and their armpits are generally warm and protected thus making a great spot for fleas to breed and hideout. You need to examine each and every part of your pet as fleas can be fast and can jump really high.

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