Bed Bug Identification in Ann Arbor

Common Behaviour And Biology of Bed Bugs

The bed bugs are mostly illusory, oval-shaped, nocturnal living beings that mostly feed on blood by coming out at night. They are mostly recoiling in nature and can stay alive for almost a year without a proper meal of blood. An adult bed bug is of mahogany-colored and can turn brownish-red after a blood meal. An adult bed bug does stretch out and becomes elongated after sucking blood. Bed bugs can dwell not only in the bedroom but also disperse to different other places. They do have the ability to crawl distances in search of food or a meal of blood.

Where Did The Bed Bug Come From?

A bed bug might get inside your house through various means of transport mostly by some kind of used furniture or through the belongings of any other person who has been living in some sort of bed bug infected place. Bed Bugs does like to travel and mostly hides in boxes, shoes, suitcases, beds just to make sure that they are near to some sort of food supply area.

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Common Places Where You Will Find Bed Bugs

Bed bugs tend to hide in tight spaces such as crevices and cracks and love to live close to the dwelling places of humans. They can be found in upholstery, furniture crevices, and behind baseboards. Other places which you must check is behind conduits, doors and window frames, furniture, loose wall hangings, switches, nightstands, etc. In case of a heavy infestation, you might get to see bed bugs in attics, voids and most other enclosed spaces. Home pest control must be conducted if any bed bugs or their eggs are caught in sight.

How To Know The Presence Of Bed Bugs?

Seeing an actual bug or its egg is needed to be completely sure that you have bed bugs in your place of residence. Symptoms such as biting can be a very good indicator but that doesn’t give 100% certainty about their presence. Doctors or other professionals of medicine may not give you a positive diagnosis just by examining the biting symptoms.

If irritation caused by biting is making you wake up each morning repeatedly, then there can be a good chance of the presence of bed bugs in your house. However, if these biting symptoms are noticed at different times of the day and different places such as at work, inside your car, other places in your home then it is less likely to be caused by bed bugs. Another clue for the presence of these bed bugs is if you see brownish-red fecal droplets here and there on different surfaces in your house. We at bed bug exterminator Ann Arbor provide high-quality pest control services keeping the best pest control cost in mind.

Major Signs Of The Presence Of Bed Bugs

  • Getting to see an actual bed bug.
  • Reddish-brown colored dots almost the size of an eraser, mostly on your mattress or your bedsheets.
  • Sighting of cast skins of these bed bugs.
  • Bit marks and irritation caused by them mostly on your upper torso and your arms.

Is Getting Rid Of Bed-Bugs difficult?

Getting rid of bed bugs isn’t that difficult in most cases but sometimes eliminating the last alive bed bug can be a bit tiresome though not impossible. Even the existence of one female bed bug can make your house re-infected. Thus, for all these reasons it is a bit tuff to provide guarantee on a bed bug elimination work.

While homeowners are dealing with a pest management firm that offers a guarantee of work, they must always enquire about what the guarantee actually covers? Does it provide a complete removal or how long will the guarantee last? Most of these guarantees provided by the pest management companies last no longer than a mere few months mostly due to the re-infection of potential bed bugs into the home atmosphere.

Vacating your house completely of sleeping somewhere else isn’t a solution for this particular problem, and might even result in more difficulty to eliminate these bugs.

In other words, working towards the process of removal of bed bugs does require a highly experienced and trained team of professionals. It does take a lot of hard work and a lot of follow-ups which might turn expensive.

What Are The Future Steps If Bed Bugs Are Found Inside My House?

If even you get a hint of the presence of bed bugs inside your house, taking the right action at the right time is the only thing the homeowner should do. We at pest control Ann Arbor do have a well experienced and trained team to take care of all your pest control needs. You can find us on Google by searching pest control near me and locate us at to find more about bed bugs control in your house.

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