Earwigs, Silverfish & Firebrats Control in Ann Arbor

Earwigs, firebrats, and silverfish are moisture-loving insects and they prefer to live mostly in the dark areas. Earwigs are generally brown or black in color and consist of antennae and pincers. Firebrats and silverfish are either silver or grey in color and are about ½ inches long. Firebrats are often seen chewing papers or books and are mostly found behind wallpapers or inside the house premises.

On the other hand, Earwigs tend to dwell outdoors and are found in moist places. Home pest control is the only way to get rid of these insects. Using chemicals or solutions is the last option to save your house from firebrats, silverfish or earwigs. Call pest control Ann Arbor to schedule a home inspection and pest control to get the best pest control cost in town. We can even help you out by giving the best tips to prevent these insects from invading your house in the very first place.

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  • Appearance- There is a hoax about these insects entering through the human’s ear and laying eggs inside the human brain isn’t true. Although they look kind of dangerous with pincers on their back, they are mostly harmless creatures, unless and until they get angry. These insect species are brownish in color and they are about two to three inches long.
  • Biology-A grown-up earwig could be found outside during the summertime mostly staying in some damp and dark place such as in between the crevices of rocks or under some logs. They mostly feed on dead and decaying plants and sometimes on dead insects. They may even find a way to dwell in cracks at ground level. During winters they gather together to find an isolated and protected space to hibernate.
  • Prevention- The best way to stay away from earwigs getting inside your house is by sealing all the crevices and cracks at the base level, and make sure that the window screens are tightly fitted around the frame. If your house is already infected by these insects make sure to vacuum at regular intervals and reduce the relative humidity. Pest control isn’t needed usually, unless and until they are in huge numbers. Give us a buzz on our website to know more about them.

Silverfish And Firebrats

  • Appearance- These insects do not possess any wings. Their body is mostly covered with gray colored scales and are thin and long. They tend to have the shape of a carrot, wider towards the head and thinner at the end. Their rear part or tail is made up of three long strands. Their length varies between one to two inches.
  • Biology- They are very common in museums, libraries and in houses. They mostly feed on cereals, paper, and fabrics. These insects prefer staying in dark, warm and damp areas. In houses, they can be found behind the walls or in different crack or crevices, under baseboards, or holes in the shelving. 
  • Prevention- Keeping the moisture level down inside your house is a very important step to avoid their invasion. Things ought to be kept very neat, tidy and dry. Stuff having starch content such as paper should be kept out of their reach. Using chalk barrier and sticky tape is a good way to stop them from moving around. Keeping the temperature below 60 degrees Fahrenheit inside your house can help in stopping them from breeding. In case the relative humidity and temperature cannot be controlled, the above-mentioned traps can be used to get rid of them.

Steps To Prevent These Insects From Lurking Around

  • Keeping your house clean- Food sources are the main cause of breeding of these insects. A routine maintenance and cleaning of dust particles, food debris are the best way to keep these insects away from your house.
  • Removal Of Moisture- These insects do require a lot of moisture to stay alive. Promptly removing moisture from in and around your house can be of good help especially in areas such as kitchens, washrooms, and basements.
  • Destroy Their Hiding Places- Sealing all the holes, cracks and crevices of leaking pipes and walls can help in getting rid of these pests. Timely cleaning of all the damp and dark areas and the closets are also very necessary.

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