Beetle Pest Control in Ann Arbor

Biologists say that beetles are the largest order of insects. There are more than forty thousand species or varieties of beetles that can be found around the world. They inhabit almost all regions of the world except the polar regions and the oceans. They are common household pests all over the world. They feed on decaying flesh and organism wastes like cow dung, fungus, pollen grain from the flower, fruits, small plants, and even some invertebrates. Common house beetles that are normally found in your neighborhood is not a big threat to you or your pets. But still, they can be a nuisance if their number exceeds the desired level. You may need to call a pest control Michigan to confront them.

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Do all Beetles Come Under the Purview of Pest Control?

Not all beetles are pests and do not come under the scope of pest control. Beetles may be a menace at your home or locality, but there are certain beetles that are beneficial to humans. For example, Lady Beetles that are more commonly called Ladybugs. feed on garden pests like the mealybugs and aphids. By doing so, they actually help in protecting your plants. Therefore, gardens prefer to keep a substantial number of ladybugs in their garden. Despite being beneficial, the beetle can be annoying if their population is not properly controlled. So, to properly control the beetle population around you, you must have some knowledge of common beetles available.

Common Beetle Species

Powder post beetles

  • Appearance – Being reddish-brown in color, powder post beetles have a slender oval-shaped body with six black legs. Their body is about one-eighth to one-fourth inch long. They can fly if needed and each has a pair of antennae. You can also consult with a certified creature control in Ann Arbor
  • Biology – These reddish-brown insects normally lay eggs in crevices in wood. Their slender body enables them to do so. When hatched the larvae tunnel into the surface filling it with very fine powder-like dust. This gives them the name powder post beetle. Their long and flat body allows them to attack wood surfaces.
  • Prevention – Powder Post Beetles can be controlled by regularly inspecting the wooden furniture and fixtures of your house regularly. If you find that any of them attacked by Powder Post Beetle, call a home pest control and they will surely suggest a solution.

Carpet beetles

  • Appearance – Being blackish in color, these oval-shaped insects has six legs and a pair of antennae and is normally one-sixteenth to one-eighth inches in length. Carpet beetles have minute whitish scales and orange or reddish colored long bands scaled down to the middle of their back.
  • Biology – Carpet Beetles prefer quiet dark places to lay their eggs. The larvae after hatching lay in and around fabric, woolen or fur garments and carpets. Hence, they get the name. Grown-up carpet beetles feed on flower pollen and nectar and are seen in sunny areas.
  • Prevention – Uncensored growth of carpet beetles can be controlled by putting unused woolen and fur clothes and carpets in plastic containers. You must dry clean all of them before storing them for a long time. If you feel you can call some creature control service for advice.

Preventing Indoor Beetle Infestations

  1. Clean-Up Food Spills – Readily available food sources help beetles to multiply rapidly. So, remember to clean hard surfaces also.
  2. Vacuum Regularly – Often they lay the egg on carpets and furniture. Regular vacuum cleaning help to remove pet fur also on which the beetle larvae survive.

Create a Seal – Regularly close creek and crevices in your doors, windows, and doors. This will prevent beetles from entering and thriving in your premises. If need calls an exterminator to get rid of beetles.

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