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Termites are silent killers, rather destroyers just like cancers. As in cancer, unless you regularly go through medical check-ups, the disease is detected at a very late stage, termite attacks also are not detected until you do a regular inspection your home or a lot of time has passed and much destruction has been done. Either you personally do the thorough checking or engage some pest control services to do it for you. Though there are many varieties of termites, the commonly found termites in this region are called the Subterranean Termite. Among them, the most destructive termite found in Ann Arbor is the Eastern Subterranean Termite. They are mostly wood pests and like wood and moist areas. Termites build their nest in soil with a lot of tunnels in them. The variety of termite called the Dry wood termite is found in wood, which is food for them also. They attack furniture and wall as well.

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  • Appearance – Like ants and bees, termites are also social insects and live in colonies. A typical termite colony has three types of insects. The workers, who feed on wood, are the most damaging members of the group. Then there are the soldiers, who have long brown heads and large jaws. Both workers and soldiers measure about one-fourth of an inch in length.
  • The third variety of termites is reproducers. They are normally dark brown or black in color. Each of them has a pair of transparent wings. They are something between three-eighth to half an inch in length. They lose their wings during swarming. Though swarmers do not damage wood directly, their presence is an indication of damage. Get in touch with a pest control expert for more details.
  • Biology – Humid soil is one of the most essential requirements for termites. Though they feed on wood, to restore their moisture they need to return to moist soil. They move from wood to soil and back through tunnels made of mud, known as termite tunnel. These tunnels protect them from external predators and also help to keep their moisture intact. To get rid of termites and break open termite tunnels contact a good exterminator.
  • Prevention – As you have been informed earlier, termite damage goes unnoticed for years together. As subterranean termites feed on dry plant waste like dry leaves, wood, dead grass, paper, cardboard, etc., they are continuous in need of humid environment to keep themselves moist. Therefore, to prevent termites from invading your home the best policy is to keep your home as dry as possible. Also, proper maintenance of wood is required. Contact one of the available pest control companies to treat your home and advise you for a termite-free residence.

Termite Pest Control Treatment Options

  • Repellent Termiticides – Repellent termiticides are poisonous chemicals that not only kill termites but are so repellent that termites try to avoid them and rather flee away from the area. But these chemicals are harmless to humans and other mammals.
  • Non-Repellent Termiticides – Nowadays, a new form of the chemical is available. These chemicals are not repellent to termites. These non-repellent termiticides are none the less poisonous for termites. But, termites cannot sense them. When mixed with soil, termites come in contact and die. Ask any creature control They will provide you with such chemicals, with which you can treat your soil to make it termite-free.
  • Subterranean Termite Baits – The idea of using termite baits is somewhat modern and quite different from traditional chemical methods. Take the help of some home pest control They will place some plastic stations around your premises. These stations contain untreated wood, which is regularly inspected, say within one to three months. If any termite attack is detected, these woods are replaced by poisonous baits, which eliminate the termites.

Termite Bait Program

To keep your house safe from termites, you need a termite protection program run by some reputed Pest Control Ann Arbor. They will install termite bait that suits the design of your home. Not only that they will monitor these baits regularly and professionally. And getting a prior indication of any termite attack will be dealt with carefully with extreme care and expertise.

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