Sowbug Control in Ann Arbor

Sowbugs are shelled animals. They belong to the same family as shrimps and crayfish. Actually, they are not bugs. Though they are harmless to humans, their presence in the home is a nuisance In itself. They cannot retain moisture and therefore always look for damp areas. Your bathroom, wet kitchen, damp basement, and leaking plumbing pipes are ideal places for sowbugs to thrive.

They feed on dead plants and plant waste like rotting leaves, fallen branches, etc. Therefore, your garden, plant pots, and plantations are an ideal place for sowbugs to exist and grow. Therefore, as earlier stated, though they are harmless to humans and pet animals, sowbugs can damage your garden and potted plants through their feeding. Though you can always call for pest control, some knowledge regarding this pest may help you to prevent such a situation.

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Additional Pest Information


  • Appearance – Their multi-segmented body is grey in color. They can have a length up to three-eighth of an inch. They have some sort of tails at their back. This makes them differ from pill bugs, who do not have tails. Pillbugs can roll themselves up in the shape of balls when they sense some danger. Thus, pillbugs are fondly called ‘roly-polies’. You can think of ‘pest controls near me’ if your single-handed effort does not work.
  • Biology – An adult sowbug normally lays eggs during spring. Sowbugs prefer to lay eggs in humid and dark areas like under piles of dried wood, heaps of dried leaves, stones, etc. Most of these locations are outdoors and as preferred by sowbugs. Once laid the egg takes a year to grow to be a full adult. And a grown-up adult can live up to three years.
  • Prevention – As sowbugs prefer moist and dark areas get rid of them from your home. Try plugging in cracks, crevices, and holes as far as possible to prevent sowbug and pill bug entry. Do not water indoor potted plants more than what required. The excess water will attract sowbugs and they may attack your plant. Keep your bathrooms, kitchens, basements and crawl spaces as dry as possible. Think of allocating some of your budget for pest control cost if the above measures do not work.

Sowbug Prevention

Take the following steps to prevent sowbugs from infesting your home.

Plugin holes creaks and crevices.

Keep your bathrooms, kitchen, and basement as dry as possible.

Weatherstrips must be replaced when required

Take the help of creature control experts when needed.

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