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Around three thousand species of Mosquitoes have been identified globally till now, among them, two hundred species do exist in the United States, and almost about sixty species can be found only in Ann Arbor. Aedes, Culex and Anopheles are the three most important among them. Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest insects that are found in almost all places on the earth and they are the carriers of thousands of known and unknown diseases. Mosquitoes such as Anopheles might be the carrier of some parasites mainly in the genus plasmodium, which might be the cause of a serious disease namely malaria.

These parasites generally reproduce inside the body of the mosquito after which when the female mosquito bites and sucks blood these viruses get transmitted into a human body. Due to the carrier of different diseases such as dengue and malaria, mosquitoes have been the cause of many direct and indirect deaths worldwide every year. From the last few decades, mosquito-borne diseases have increased considerably in the US especially for the West Nile virus. People having a weak immune can be dangerously affected by this.

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Additional Pest Information

  • Appearance: Grown Up mosquitoes are very small flying creatures having a pair of narrow wings and large legs.
  • Biology:An adult female mosquito needs blood-food in order to reproduce. Depending on their type and species, mosquito lays eggs on dirty or still water, tree holes, plants on water, flooded areas, etc. Sometimes a female mosquito can be very choosy on the type of blood they need such as amphibians, birds or mammals. While sucking blood, a female mosquito injects anticoagulants, which might cause irritation, itchiness, and swelling depending on the skin type of humans. Mosquitoes breed best in conditions having warm temperatures and high rainfall.
  • Prevention: They need water for breeding. The best way to get rid of them is by cleaning your surroundings and not letting any water get stagnant in a place. A homeowner must get rid of any still water source such as rainwater collected in plastic covers, old tires, toys, rain gutters, etc. It is always recommended to change still waters sources such as fountains, rain barrels, birdbaths, wading pools, potted plants, etc. for at least twice a month. Keeping waters of swimming pool circulated and treated is also a must necessary.

Facts About Mosquitoes

  • Female mosquitoes bite animals and humans: All the female mosquitoes need nutrition present in the blood for egg development and protein especially for their eggs. Without blood intake, their ability to give birth goes down. On the contrary, a male mosquito can even survive by feeding on sweet juices, flowers, and nectar.
  • The spit of Mosquitoes Can Be Itchy: Saliva left while sucking blood from the host can serve as an anticoagulant helping a female mosquito to feast better. The saliva of a female mosquito can be the cause of several types of allergies making a human skin bumpy and itchy.
  • Mosquitoes Are Capable of Detecting CO2 from a Distance Of 100ft: Mosquitoes have the power to sense carbon dioxide from a really far distance. CO2 released by animals and humans is one of the main signals about a potential blood victim nearby.
  • They Are Capable Of Laying 300 Eggs At Once: Mosquito eggs are capable of hatching in a very small amount of water. A female mosquito reproduces for almost about three hundred times before dying.

Controlling Mosquitoes At Home- Self D-I-Y

  • Planting different types of plants is a natural way to keep mosquitoes away from your dwelling place. Plants and trees such as lemongrass, citronella, neem, marigolds, mint are some well-known natural mosquito repellents.
  • The availability of different light sources in different parts of your house can help in getting rid of mosquitoes.
  • Eliminating all the still water sources and cleaning all the damp areas in and around your house and yard might help to stop the breeding of female mosquitoes. Some noticeable areas that you should check are plastic containers, birdbaths, swimming pools, rainwater sewage, etc.

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