Mice Removal in Ann Arbor

Mice can be a very nuisance pest known for destroying and damaging property, burrowing into walls and contaminating food supplies. Some people may find them very adorable and sometimes domesticate them. The most common mice found in US are house mice and deer mice. House mice generally have a small anatomy and their body fur color is of lighter shade of gray or brown.

On the other hand, deer mice have a reddish brown or dark brown fur with large flanking big ears and pitch-black eyes. Both the deer mice and house mice have a voracious appetite and can do anything and go any way to find food. Both the species of these mice way smaller than other pests such as rats or rodents. Identifying the type of mice present in your house just by looking at their waste isn’t actually possible. Both the types have a very smooth droppings which are about 3 to 6 mm in length.

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Mice Can Be Cause Serious Dangers

Deer mice are often the carriers of Hantavirus, which can be very dangerous and might cause serious health issues such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Mouse droppings and carcasses should be handled without taking any chances and with proper care. Trusting a professional creature control when it comes to the removal of mice from your house is what we recommend, and there are many reasons for doing so-

  • Mice can be really notorious and can gnaw and chew through baseboards, walls and other materials creating tunnels through your house. They can even chew wires resulting in a fire outburst in your house.
  • The odor of their urine and droppings are very unpleasant.
  • Their wastes are known for transmitting diseases such as rickettsial pox, salmonella food poisoning, dermatitis, meningitis, ringworm etc.

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