Centipede Pest Control in Ann Arbor

Centipedes thrive in a dark and moist environment. They find shelter in a protected area like cracks on the wall, under rocks, woodpiles or dry leaf piles. The most common variety of centipedes found in and around Michigan is the house centipede. This animal can reproduce indoors and are found in home basements, damp areas, crevices in wall and crawl spaces. They are also found under carpet edges and damp areas of the kitchen and bathroom. Growing centipede menace needs to call some pest control services to put a check on it.

Is a Centipede ‘Bite’ Fatal to Call an Exterminator?

Centipedes are no doubt poisonous. Though they actually do not ‘bite’. They inject venom using the claws found in their front legs. This venom is no more poisonous than a bee sting and in no way be fatal for humans.

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But certainly, it pains and irritates with a swollen spot on the skin. So, be careful while visiting centipede infested places. Wearing high boots and gloves are recommended.

Additional Pest Info


  • Appearance – These animals are normally more than an inch in length, with a pair of long legs on each segment of their body. This is nearly half of that with millipedes who have two pairs per segment. The long legs of centipedes enable them to move fast.
  • Biology – The front legs of the centipedes are modified stings which can pour venom, as painful as a bee sting, on bare skin. The stung area should be treated carefully handled. Cleaning with some anti-septic is needed to prevent infection. It should be treated with an ice-pack to reduce swallowing and diminish pain.
  • Prevention – The first and foremost requirement to prevent the thriving of centipedes is dehumidifying the basement, kitchen, and bathroom area. You can look for a creature control Ann Arbor if needed.

Centipede Pest Control Tips

  1. Eliminate the Source – Eliminate the damp areas of your home from the bathroom, kitchen basement and crawl space. Because centipedes thrive in damp and dark areas.
  2. Eliminate Entry Points – Plugging crevices and creeks on your wall will reduce if not eliminate the chance of centipedes entering your home.
  3. Keep Doors Closed – During summer, pests like centipedes enter your home through open doors. So, keeping your doors tight closed reduces the chances of your home being infested by centipedes and bugs like them.

In case of centipede infestation, of a home being infested by other pests call a critter control Michigan to professionally put an end to the menace.

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