Rodent Pest Control in Ann Arbor

Rodents are a very successful species of mammals present in the world. They are capable of surviving in all types of environments and have the ability to avoid any type of so-called danger. Their eyesight is comparatively low, but their senses are always on the higher side. Some rodents are considered to be cute and are kept at pets in different parts of the US but they are more considered to be a pest for some very prominent reasons. Their nuisance can be of different types, they are capable of destroying human property, contaminate food and even affect human health. Thus, taking them into control by calling a reputed rodent exterminator is a must for each and every homeowner.

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Few Reasons for Rodent Pest Control

  • Rodents are well known to cause damage to different human properties which includes building structures and clothing, by gnawing and burrowing. In some cases, fire burst out was seen due to rodents damaging electrical wires.
  • They are known to contaminate human foods both in fields and storage. Their droppings and urine cause huge damage to food stores.
  • There are few species of rodents known for transmitting infectious diseases.

Some Common Type of Rodents Are:

  • Rats.
  • Mice.

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