Our Process

Our Common Practices

We at Ann-Arbor-Pest-Control.com employ an IPM or Integrated Pest Management to almost all the species of pests. IPM is an environmentally sensitive and very effective approach towards taking different types of pests in control as it uses a completely different combination of common-sense and practices. It uses a piece of comprehensive information on the life span and interaction of a critter with the outside world. Thus, when all these set of knowledge and information is combined with all other home pest control ways and methods, it produces a very effective way to take these pests in control while producing the least amount of harm to the environment, people and their property.

Different combination of processes such as electronic record-keeping, trend analysis, routine monitoring, and many others helps us to determine the exact ways of home pest control and why and when you should be opting for these treatments.

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We are also professionals when it comes to determining the best critter control strategy for any area or any particular pest. At creature control Ann Arbor we try to make the use of pesticides as low as possible and only bring it into use only when it is a must necessary.

Completely Pest Free Environment

We do believe from our core that a completely pest-free environment can only be achieved when we work hand in hand with prevention and the treatment. What we assure our clients while they choose us is ultimate customer satisfaction as we thrive to achieve it. Our Integrated Pest Management program is custom made for each and every pest control need and we guarantee the best ROI.

Organic Pest Control Options

An organic IPM program can be an option for some customers and for some, it can be the only choice. While these organic programs can be of different types what we prefer is completely organically certified and grown crops adhered to our clients. In this method, firstly we conduct a basic review and inspection of our customer’s needs, and then by knowing the issue, we try creating a fully custom-tailored organic pest management program providing the best in class pest control service while keeping the organic IPM specification in mind.

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